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Smokers Are Very Rich


The packaging on cigarettes has been changed for years now, and if anything, all it’s done is train smokers to steadfastly ignore the big rotten tumour on it.

The massive jump in the price of cigarettes over the last few years has probably done more to dissuade you from the cigs.

I’m not going to tell you not to smoke I’m not your mother!

I am going to tell you that smoking and/or vaping makes your Life Insurance premiums more expensive.

How much more expensive is Life Insurance if you’re a smoker?

Fred & Enda are 30-somethings who are looking for €200,000 life cover for the next 30 years. For argument’s sake, everything about them is the exact same except that one smokes, and the other doesn’t.

This is the non-smoker’s quote:    

Royal London €      23.17
Zurich €      22.54
Aviva €      22.41
Irish Life €      26.73
New Ireland €      23.99

This is the Smokers Quote:

Royal London €      42.77
Zurich €      42.61
Aviva €      42.37
Irish Life €      53.42
New Ireland €      44.63


It’s almost twice as expensive.

Let’s say that Fred, the non-smoker, and Enda, the smoker, both go with Royal London.

Across the lifetime of their policy, the difference really adds up.

Enda will pay more than €7,000 for THE EXACT SAME THING.

And let’s not even go near how much he might be spending a month on the fags. It adds up to thousands over those 30 years.

The difference in cost only gets worse as you get older, and premiums continue to get more expensive. Insurer Royal London estimates that the gap between two 45-year-olds’ policy prices can amount to €16,000 all in.

For Serious Illness Cover, their figures for these same 45-year-olds adds up to a SHOCKING difference of over €60,000.

Let that sink in for a second.

The only way to get cheaper Life Insurance as a smoker is to quit smoking.

If you can’t I have access to all the best discounts available and will help.

When you stop smoking, you will:

Reduce your risk of life-threatening diseases

Have better Skin, Teeth and Hair

Have nicer smelling clothes

Improve the air quality in your home

Smoking takes 10 to 15 quality years off your life

Every cigarette you smoke takes 5 and a half minutes off your life

Be more kissable !

Alan Considine QFA

086 22 22 204

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