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Is Your Pension Safe


Many individuals have pension benefits in a personal retirement bond (PRB) without necessarily understanding what they have and what steps they should follow to make the most of these benefits before retirement hits them – often too late to do anything!
A PRB is an individual pension contract designed to invest pension benefits which you transferred out of a previous employment. For most people who transfer their benefits to a PRB the options available at retirement are the same under both the scheme and the PRB with one exception – you have access to your pension from age 50.
There are a few essential issues that you should consider when deciding on your investment options:
• How much time do you have until your retirement date?
• How much risk are you comfortable with?
• How much money will you need when you retire?
There are hundreds of choices and options available to you and it is extremely important that you pick the best ones for your situation in order to protect your future income.

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