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Easy Access Savings – it is Exactly what people want!


Thousands of credit union members across the State are being asked to withdraw some of their savings, as caps are being applied to deposit accounts.

Some are imposing saving limits as low as €15,000.

The move is being blamed by credit unions on the costs charged to them by banks to hold that money on deposit, as well as tighter regulatory requirements. I did some quick research and found KBC are offering the best savings rate at the moment which is a dismal 1.25%.

So, what other options are available to you?

As we move out of the lockdown, people are becoming more optimistic for the future. But it is a future which is different most Irish people don’t want to go back to the old way of living, they wish to spend more time with family, exercise more and enjoy a slower pace of life. And it is the same with our  money – 55% of us plan to be more careful with our finances, we want to ensure we have some money put away – just in case the unexpected happens again!

We now have access to a Zurich Savings policy which can be set up completely over the phone without the need for signatures. Signatures will now be done by you confirming all details agreed over the phone by simply clicking on an email you will receive from Zurich.

  1. You have access to your money at all times – your monies will never be locked away and there are no encashment penalties..
  2. Save from as little as €75 per month
  3. Regular monthly payments or one off lump sums all catered for..
  4. There is an excellent fund choice available

Life can be so much easier if you implement a good financial plan.

55% have said they want to save more so here is the best opportunity to do that……. 0862222204

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