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Bank Closures – Your Options


With both Ulster Bank and Bank Of Ireland closing branches in Co. Clare it is imperative that you consider your options for your savings, investments, pensions and Life Insurance policies.

Whilst my heart goes out to the bank staff having received terrible news regarding their futures their bosses have done you no favours either.

Whether you’re planning for your new home, your dream wedding, college fees or simply for a rainy day, a sensible savings plan or investment bond can make all the difference.

If you’re looking for savings and investment opportunities, we have lots of different options, depending on how you wish to save – and what you’re aiming for.

The banks in Ireland have always had extremely high charges as they sell pensions, life insurance and investments on behalf of a third party. Banks put their own charges on top of the originators fees.

Hence, you as the customer are paying on the double with access to only one provider.

Through a broker you can get a much better deal as brokers deal with all the providers and have access to the most competitive charging structures.    

The best savings rate available from the banks today is 1% through a child’s saving plan this return will not keep up with rising costs over the next 10 years.

There are savings policies directly available to you which over the last five years have returned an average of 4% per annum

I will be delighted to discuss this with you please have a look at our website.

Kind Regards,

Alan Considine QFA

Qualified Financial Advisor.

Life Insurance & Pensions Manager

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